A Very Randall Thanksgiving: Holiday Bean Recipes

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of the year! Family from all around get together to spend time with one another and give thanks for the important things in life. And, of course, there is always an amazing spread of food! If your family is anything like ours,...

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Healthy White Bean Chili

There may not be an easier way to lighten and help the nutrition of a meat dish than substituting in turkey. Turkey is leaner, healthier, and just as protein-rich as red meat like beef. Turkey, in addition to being a great, healthy protein source, is also a great...

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Our Favorite Fall Casserole Recipes

Casseroles are the perfect recipe for this time of year. Easy to make, simple ingredients, warm, and hearty – casseroles are ideal whether they are being served at a holiday meal or just a Wednesday evening dinner throughout the fall and winter. From our table to...

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Rustic White Bean and Autumn Vegetable Cassoulet

As the days grow shorter and cold air seeps through the zipper of your jacket, nothing can warm you up quite like home-cooked comfort food. Casseroles have long been a staple during the colder months, but have you ever tried the casserole’s equally delicious cousin,...

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Sweet Hummus Trio

The kids are back in school and having snack options on hand when they get home from school is important. A quick snack can help keep them going for completing homework, participating in after-school sports, and all their other after-school activities. Processed,...

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Simple Make-Ahead Meals

Autumn is upon us again, bringing with it the beautiful colors of nature, cool, crisp weather, and often times a little craziness to your day. With work, the kids going back to school, all of their after-school activities, and everything else life throws at you, fall...

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