In the past, Randall Beans’ offerings have been as American as apple pie. Great norther white beans, pinto beans and mixed beans are classics in American dishes across the country. But times have changed. Global foods are becoming increasingly popular, and so it was time to expand our bean offerings. Now, enjoy a taste of Mexico with black beans, spend an evening in Greece with garbanzo beans, head to the deep south with black-eyed peas and discover global favorites like navy beans and kidney beans.

With our new varieties, you have more ways of enjoying bean dishes than ever before. Just as with our classic varieties, you can still rest easy knowing your family is getting high quality beans cooked simply and packed in BPA-free glass jars. All our beans are high in protein and have the same delicious taste you’ve come to expect from Randall Beans.

In addition to our new varieties of beans, we’re also rolling out a new 14-ounce size jar. This smaller size is perfect for a quick meal for one or two people. It’s a convenient option that makes it easier than ever to eat right.

You can find our new smaller sizes of our classic varieties as well as our new kidney beans on Kroger shelves starting November 1. But to order all of our great varieties, click over to our Randall Beans website, where you can order all of our new beans starting October 1. And make sure you check back here for fantastic new ways to use all of these beans.

Try some of our favorite bean recipes like White Chicken Chili with Great Northern White Beans, Family Ham & Beans or Southwest Black Bean & Quinoa Salad for dinner tonight!