Bean Burgers & More

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Summertime means warm weather, good times and grilling good food!

But, what if you’re tired of the traditional burgers and bratwurst, vegan and vegetarian or if you’re just trying to stay on a meatless diet? Grilling season can be a tough time for eating healthier without just being stuck picking over the obligatory veggie tray. Have no fear!

Randall Beans is here to give you the healthy and delicious grilling options you need, featuring our trademark beans. Our Bean Burgers & More cookbook is the perfect collection of bean veggie burgers and other summer grilling recipes.

Use these simple, easy and tasty recipes to prepare a variety of grilled salads, both with and without meat, and the best darn veggie burgers you’ve ever had!

Be sure to use some of these bean burger recipes for your next summer cookout to satisfy your vegan or vegetarian guest, as a meatless alternative option or just to shake things up with a new bean recipe side dish.

So, fire up the grill and let’s get started!

Download your FREE copy today by filling out the form above. And stay tuned to the Randall Beans Blog for weekly recipes using Randall’s Beans and more!

Randall Beans are hearty and healthy beans sold in jars!

Check out our collection of delicious bean recipes and bean cookbooks.

Featured Recipes:

Ready to start planning your picnic? Just don’t forget the Randall Great Northern Beans! Check your local grocery store or if you can’t find them you can always have these delicious beans in a jar shipped straight to you at our online store