We’re only a few weeks into 2012, and it’s already been a year of big changes for Randall Beans. It all started with a redesign of our labels. While our old labels may have been classic, it was time for a fresh look. We feel that our new labels better capture the quality you get in every jar of Randall Beans, and also have a fresh, modern look that better fits your lifestyle. You should start seeing these labels in a store near you in the coming weeks.

New Great Northern White Bean Label

A sneak peek at our new labels!

You may have also noticed that we’ve redesigned our website. This gives you a sneak peek into what the new jar labels will look like: full of homey touches and warm colors. We hope that you find this new site to be beautiful and functional. It’s still a work in progress, so let us know if you have problems or suggestions for us!

Finally, we’ve started exploring the world of social media. We’d love to connect with you on Facebook and/or Pinterest. Follow us on these two sites to see even more great recipes, meal ideas and insights into the Randall Beans family. We’d love to hear from you!

Amid all this change, what’s staying the same? Our classic recipes for our Great Northern white beans, pinto beans and mixed beans are unchanged. You’ll still get the exact same great taste. Our trademark glass jars are also identical, meaning you’ll still get beans free of flavor contamination from metal jars.

We have lots more excitement planned in the new year. Keep coming back to our website for the latest information, as well as great recipes and coupons. We’ll see you soon!

Great Northern Beans are an important part of a healthy diet