We’ve been cooking, jarring and selling the best beans for more than 100 years. You’d think things would stay pretty much the same when it comes to cooking beans and putting them into our BPA glass jars. But you’d be surprised by just how much things can change. Recently, a team from Randall Foods attended the International Pack Expo. That might not sound very interesting to you, but it’s all in the service of helping us deliver the best product possible to your local grocery store.

For instance, one of the items we were in the market for at the expo was a pneumatic elevator. This critical piece of equipment helps us pamper our beans by reducing the number of split beans that occur when we transfer our legumes to the blanching tanks. That means you get more delicious, whole beans and fewer pieces. In our ongoing efforts to better serve you, we also looked for ways to improve our efficiency in shipping, which keeps your prices low. In these difficult economic times, we know how tough that can be.


Randall Beans at the Pack Expo


Finally, we had a chance to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. For the first time, we met with the fine folks who produce our bean caps. Since Randall Beans are usually on the bottom shelf at your local supermarket, the cap is the first thing you see. Our caps have to make a big impression, so it was a pleasure to meet with the people who help our product get seen.

While a packing expo might not sound like much fun to you, it was a critical chance for our team to learn more about technological advances and stay on track to deliver the best beans for the next hundred years.