Here on the Randall Beans blog, we talk a lot about how our beans taste. They’re delicious, right? We start with the best beans, cook them simply and back them in glass jars that don’t leave behind that funny, metallic taste. But beans are a lot more than tasty: Beans are also a critical part of a healthy diet.

In our family, we believe that a healthy diet is the foundation of living a happy, active life. Everything you put into your body is fuel, and when you eat better, you’ve got the energy to spend time with your family, travel, play sports and just have fun. We’re so committed to those principles that we’ve created a new website to focus on living an active lifestyle.

At, you can learn more about nutrition, health and wellness and how to fuel that all with beans. We’ll be featuring recipes with a healthier twist, focusing on lean protein, fast preparation and big, big flavor. You’ll also find information on all the things you need that healthy fuel for: sports, travel, fitness and more.

Don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy all the same classic content here on the Randall Beans website. We’ll still be offering great recipes for using Randall Beans. But we’d love to see you over on Powered by Beans. Get up, get moving, get powered!