Athletes are always looking for ways to keep their training momentum going. When mid-season training fatigue hits, finding alternatives to your typical workout can be rejuvenating. Cross-training activities like rock climbing or laser tag still provide a good workout and give athletes a mental break and a dose of fun.

The MIT Cheerleaders face the challenge of mixing up their training each year due to their long cheer season. They spent the fall and winter supporting MIT athletics at games and made appearances at community events. Now they are focused on training for their spring cheer competitions. They know their success comes from practice and hard work but sometimes they just need to cut loose and enjoy the fun side of cheering.

Beans provide the complex carbs and lean protein their bodies need to perform at their best.

The squad has made beans a part of their routine off the mats. The long-lasting energy of complex carbs is also known as slow burn energy. It allows them to eat a healthy meal and won’t leave them hungry in an hour. Beans are full of protein essential for building the lean muscles the team needs to pull off their difficult cheer stunts.