What is it that makes eggs and beans so delicious together? Is it that they’re both full of healthy protein? Is it that they’re the perfect combination for a vegetarian meal that leaves you satisfied? Is it the way an oozy egg yolk makes a creamy sauce for beans, or how a hard boiled egg gives just the right texture to a burrito? It’s hard to put your finger on just why eggs and beans are so great, but we’ve found some recipes guaranteed to convince you that they’re better together.


Bean Bowl with a Poached Egg

This recipe is simple–just five ingredients!–but it’s satisfying and has endless possibilities for customization. It uses creamy white beans as a base, simmered with onions, chicken stock and leafy greens like kale. While that soup would be delicious on its own, it goes to a whole ‘nother level when you slide a poached egg on top. When the yolk is punctured, it creates an incredible “sauce” that thickens the soup and adds unctuous richness to the entire dish. For a decadent (and carnivorous) twist, add fried pancetta or bacon.


Southwestern “Falafel” with Fried Eggs

This is fusion cuisine at its very best. Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern dish made with chickpeas or fava beans and fried into a sort of fritter. This twist on the classic dish goes south of the border, substituting in pinto beans and using tortilla chips as a binder. It’s packed with fresh cilantro and green onions for great crunch and flavor. Then, to make a delicious dish even better, you top that crispy falafel with mashed avocado and a poached egg. Together, it creates a creamy, crunchy, crispy amazing mess of a meal. You’ll need extra napkins for this.

Almost everything is better when you put an egg on it–especially if it’s beans.

This recipe can be made with either Randall Great Northern Beans or the Randall Organic products.