The Winter months are a time for family gatherings, celebration, and lots of great food. Planning wintertime meals means preparing hearty helpings and big, warm dishes for all of your loved ones to share. Cooking in the kitchen with your family should be a fun and festive experience. These recipes are all easy to use for collaborative cooking and get the family active in the kitchen.

Few things tie together big family meals better than our line of Randall Beans as a protein base to layer tons of interesting recipes on. Don’t forget about the leftovers! These meals make plenty of servings and heat up extremely well if you need to take a day off from the kitchen. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these delicious winter bean recipes as much as we do.

Three Bean Minestrone

This hearty soup brings to mind a classic Italian minestrone. It incorporates ditalini pasta and lots of healthy spinach. Included are three of our favorite types of Randall Beans–pinto beans, great northern white beans and our kidney beans. The pinto beans are deep, earthy, and semi-sweet. The great northern white beans are creamy and soft, adding to the delicate balance of flavors in this pasta dish. The kidney beans are bold and irony with a toothy texture. This recipe adds up to a soup that’s “stick to your ribs” good and incredibly easy to prepare.

White Bean and Pumpkin Pork Chili Recipe

A warm, earthy dish that makes lots of portions is great for entertaining. This white bean and pumpkin chili is easy to make ahead of time and stays well for whenever your guests arrive. The richness of the cooked pork blends well with the grounding flavors of kale and zesty notes of cumin. Pumpkin is delicious in this recipe but can easily be substituted with butternut squash if it is easier to come by. You can make this dish easily in a crokpot over the course of two days, so it’s an easy choice for long winter weeks.

Warm White Beans with Roasted Fennel

Incorporating a hefty helping of Great Northern white beans, this recipe mixes together a delicious, traditional Greek salad with the warmth of a cheesy bean bake. It’s tasty, healthy and a cinch to make. Cooking this dish in an iron pot takes around half an hour. Spinach shines through as the perfect accompaniment to bridge the mild flavors of the beans and aromatic pungency of the roasted fennel. You’ll love the bright white and green colors once this dish is finished and plated.

What are some of your favorite bean dishes to cook up for family and friends during the colder months of the year?

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