Easter is only a couple weeks away. Have you decided what you’re going to serve on your Easter supper table? Even if you favor a traditional dinner with lamb or ham and have your own unique Easter traditions, Great Northern White Beans make the perfect accompaniment; mash them, bake them, or serve them as a bed for a perfectly roasted leg of lamb.

Here are a few recipes to consider:

Cheesy White Bean and Onion Bake

Caramelized onions are a sweet counterpoint to savory white beans. Smother it all in gooey cheese for a side dish that’s a little crunchy, a little creamy and with tons of flavor. A hint of fresh thyme adds an interesting herbal note. This is a fantastic side dish to serve with your sweet honey ham on Easter Sunday.

Mashed White Beans with Cauliflower and Leeks

Everyone loves mashed potatoes, but they can be so heavy and fattening. Get the same thick, satisfying taste with a fraction of the calories with these mashed white beans. The flavor comes from nutty white beans and slow-cooked leeks. This is also a vegan recipe, so it’s perfect if you have guests with dietary restrictions. And your thighs will thank you for leaving out the fattening butter and cream!

Roast Lamb with White Beans

Still not sure about a main course for the big day? You’ll be surprised at how easy this leg of lamb lamb over white beans is. Cut a few slits in the leg of lamb and insert cloves of garlic and sprigs of rosemary. Roast for an hour, then add white beans, tomatoes and wine. It’s a rustic but stunning dish.

What are your favorite Easter bean recipes?

Transform your holiday left overs into something new and exciting with Great Northern White Beans