You just finished creating an amazing Mexican Casserole. It’s full of delicious pinto beans, peppers, tomatoes and plenty of spices. Dinner revived you with the boost of protein needed to clean up the kitchen from your casserole mess. As your cleaning up the kitchen, light bulb! A stroke of genius hits you. This glass jar is excellent for a nice summer drink.

Imagine yourself tanning on the porch with a refreshing iced tea in hand. The glass jar fits perfectly in your hand, while embarking on your summer reading list. A red and white striped straw reminiscent of days at your hometown carnival as a child. Suddenly, a swarm of gnats come straight for your sugar-filled beverage. Luckily, you have a lid within arms reach to cover up your drink and continue reading your book with piece of mind that your next sip will be bug-free.

Let Randall Beans bring this vision to life with a DIY Randall Glass Jar Decorating. Let your crafting side take over as the simple glass jar in your hand transforms into a beautiful glass perfect for summertime iced tea. Follow the steps below to repurpose your Randall Bean jar and give it a new job as your personal drink holder.


DIY Glass Jar Project with Randall Beans


1. Buy a jar of Randall Beans at a local retailer (find here) or on our online store. We recommend buying the 14-oz jars for the project. The larger jars are sometimes harder to hold, but if you want a larger glass go for it. Find the jar of your choosing and use the beans to make a delicious recipe. Be adventurous and try a new recipe from our website!


Repurpose 1










2. Empty the contents of the jar. Use the beans for a fun recipe and drain all the water out. Next, rinse the jar several times to remove any remaining liquid. Thoroughly wash the jar and lid with mild dish soap.


Repurpose 2










3. Remove the label from the jar for increased room for decorating. There are two best approaches for removing the label. The first is to remove it with soap and water. It takes a little elbow grease to get all the glue off, but it slowly clears. The second approach is to take as much of the label off as you can, then use Goo Gone. Goo Gone is a magical invention which dissolves the remaining label and glue for easy cleanup. Follow the instructions on the Goo Gone bottle for a clear surface ready to be decorated.


Repurpose 3










4. Rewash your jar with mild dish soap. Allow the jar to dry completely before decorating. Air-drying or towel drying are both effective for drying your jar.

5. Decorate, decorate, decorate! Bring out the ribbons, stencils, paint and markets. Let your imagination take over as you decorate your ideal dream drinking jar. Allow your personality and design aesthetic to shine through on your new glass jar.












Voila, a fabulous glass jar to carry around with you to all summer cookouts or concerts. Randall Beans jars supply a sturdy summer drinking glass. The best part is the cap closes. So, all those icky bugs are kept out of your delicious iced tea. Thank goodness! Another perk of the lid is no spillage. Put the lid on and be worry free about any klutzy moments. Find sweet success with our DIY glass jars and enjoy all season long.

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