At Randall Beans, all of our effort goes into growing, harvesting and canning the finest varieties of beans for our customers. So, when we hear from our customers how much they love our beans, we really appreciate it. This week, Sarah F. from West Virginia shares her story of being Powered by Beans:

We eat 6 jars of Randall Beans every month, and the only people in our household is my husband and myself–no kids yet! I guess you could say that we are “brand loyal” to Randall Beans since the first jar of Randall’s we ever tasted. We tell everybody about these beans–the mailman, co-workers, the cashier at the grocery store, our moms…

Every weekend, after having spent all week in a warehouse managing the incoming and outgoing of freight, we don’t just kick back and watch TV! You know why? Because we are Powered by Beans! We go out and hike to old “Indian” rock fortress ruins in the tops of the Appalachian Mountains, and “Indian” mounds surrounding the Ohio River Valley. Sometimes we spend all day scaling rugged hills with packs on our backs, looking for that next amazing ancient site.

When we aren’t doing that, we are still outside hiking the mountains and wildcrafting–searching for edible wild foods and medicine! For folks such as ourselves who are borderline vegetarians (we eat meat maybe 1-2 a month), we count on Randall Beans to give us the protein we need for these “expeditions” as we call them.  We are truly Powered by Beans!

Thanks Sarah! We love hearing from you.


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