New Randall Beans Sizes

Perched on the grocery store shelf, our signature glass jar has endless stories to share with shoppers. Our glass jars have been a staple for Randall Beans, since the beginning over 130 years ago. Now over a century later, our customers are still presented with the same glass jars. Why is this? What makes our jars special?

You know what you buying with every jar of Randall Beans- what you see is what you get. Customers do not need to wait until they are home to see the product they are buying. The transparent glass shows customers exactly what they are purchasing right in stores. We do not want customers to be surprised when opening our product, but be able to see the quality and fullness of our beans immediately.

The ability to reseal the lid is another positive of our glass jars. No matter how many beans your recipe calls for, you can keep the rest for later locked tight in their original container. Ditch plastic containers or aluminum foil covers in favor of our streamline glass jars. Our beans can last up to 7 days when stored in the refrigerator. Use the same jar of beans for a week full of delicious salad toppings.

Lids really come in handy when it comes to avoiding spills. As our jars are placed on the dinner table, there is no need to worry about the beans spilling. Just put the lid back on and pass the beans onto the person sitting next to you. If any pesky pets try to disturb dinner, our sealed glass jars will be the least of the tables worries.

We want every jar of beans to fit seamlessly into your life. Just as our motto says “the best cooks begin with the best beans.” We also want the best beans to begin with the best packaging design.