We try to keep you updated with all the latest happenings at Open Spigot Farm, from planting season to harvest and all the exciting events in-between. But what happens after the end of the harvest season? While operations certainly slow down, the farm is still running, and some of the most important events occur during the winter months. Let’s take a closer look at some of the happenings at Open Spigot Farm this winter.

With frost and hard freezes usually starting in late November, the growing season is slowed to a halt. The frost does give us some of the most beautiful sights we see during the year, however.

Possibly the most important ongoing operations during the winter are the cleanup and beautification of the farm. Winter gives us a time to make repairs to buildings, equipment, and structures, such as the continued clearing of fence rows.


This decades-old farm shed will be torn down, and some of its lumber repurposed for various uses throughout the farm.

When conditions are favorable during the offseason, we try to make strides in our efforts in composting, mulching, and adding to the overall fertility of the fields on the farm. One project in particular we’ll be working on this winter is the planning of a newly proposed orchard, and subsequent demolition and reclamation of materials for use on the orchard.

Winter may put a halt on growing, but by no means is it a time for rest on Open Spigot Farm. We’re excited to show you all the changes we’ll make this year, so stay tuned!