Farmer’s markets are kicking off as temperatures warm up and farmers are starting to get their first few crops of early spring harvested. Getting out into the community and picking up local fresh produce at the same time can’t be beat. The produce selection might be limited, but there’s so much more to do and see at your local market. They’re a grab bag of vendors and booths at the beginning of the season. You’ll find your favorite vendors selling new things side by side with their usual selection. Look for new booths offering their unique take on local food and art.

To get the best out of your local farmer’s market, go in with an open mind and an empty stomach!

Farmer’s market shopping can be a competitive adventure, especially as the day wears on and selection gets low. There might not be a lot of fruits and vegetables out yet, but you can try out all the food vendors and pick up a gift or something for yourself from artisan booths. Vendors sell everything from handmade soaps to flavored olive oil and vinegar. Go early and grab a cup of coffee from a coffee vendor to sip and stroll your way through the booths to see what’s available.

Not sure what to expect from the farmers? They’ll bring what they can based on how their crops are doing. PickYourOwn.org has harvest calendars for each state so you can get a general idea of what you’ll see. The fun comes from trying new varieties of produce you’re familiar with. Farmers might have surprises in store for customers with a new fruit or vegetable they’re growing for the first time. Give those purple carrots or striped peppers a chance.

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