Memorial Day is just a few days away, which can mean only one thing – the start of a summer season filled with cookouts, warm weather and good times. The unofficial start to barbecue and grilling season is one of our favorite times of the year, and so we’ve been scouring all of our culinary resources to bring you the best Memorial Day recipes to make your cookout unforgettable. And if these aren’t enough to whet your appetite for delicious side dishes and snacks during your cookout, consider taking a peek at our free Summer Baked Beans cookbook, in which we’ve compiled some of the tastiest and most unique takes on the classic baked beans.


Memorial Day Taco Bites

This recipe for quick bite-sized taco snacks comes from the Kroger Inspired Gathering blog, a fun and helpful resource for party planning and entertaining. Turning tortilla chips into fun and handy taco shells, this recipe makes for the perfect accompaniment to any sort of main course, from burgers to ribs and more. Making use of Randall Beans, ground beef with some tasty spices and a creamy avocado filling topped off with a blend of cheeses, you might get your guests filling up on this side dish before they even get a chance to try out the main attraction. Try this one out, just don’t be surprised if you keep coming back to it for every summer cookout from now on!


Randall’s Memorial Day Salads

With all the collections we’ve put together so far, we couldn’t mention Memorial Day recipes without tooting our own horn just a little! With flavors ranging from Mediterranean-inspired to Southwest Tex-Mex, there are more than enough options here to satisfy a wide range of palates. Featuring Randall Mixed Beans and a medley of several of our tasty varieties – these recipes are sure to hit that exact spot in your summer spread to complete your menu.