Powered by Beans is a lifestyle

It’s a get-up-and-go attitude which plays a role in very aspect of your life. Hiking through the woods, biking to work, or trying wind surfing are all excellent examples of being powered by beans.So is working in your garden and walking around the block one more time.  It’s about having energy and choosing to be active, instead of sitting around and feeling lackluster.

Just as important as movement is eating well That’s were powered by beans comes in. Our website is filled with healthy recipes to fuel your body, and now we are adding stories to inspire you as well. We want to help our readers think about how they feed their bodies. It’s a chance to create a mindset, which can lead to a healthier lifestyle so we pose the question: Are you powered by beans?

Our reader, Sarah, responded to our question with great exuberance. Here is the story we received from Sarah:


So, here is how I (and my husband) are powered by beans:

Every weekend, after having spent all week in a warehouse managing the incoming and outgoing of freight, we don’t just kick back and watch tv! You know why? Because we are powered by beans!

We go out and hike to old “Indian” rock fortress ruins in the tops of the Appalachian Mountains, and “Indian” mounds surrounding Ohio River Valley. Sometimes we spend all day scaling rugged hills with packs on our backs, looking for that next amazing ancient site.

When we aren’t doing that, we are still outside hiking the mountains and wild crafting–searching for edible wild foods and medicine!

For folks such as ourselves who are borderline vegetarians (we eat meat maybe 1-2 a month), we count on Randall’s beans to give us the protein we need for these “expeditions” as we call them.

We eat 6 jars of Randall’s beans every month, and the only people in our household are my husband and I–no kids yet!!

I guess you could say that we are “brand loyal” to Randall’s beans since the first jar of Randall’s we ever tasted. We tell everybody about these beans–the mailman, co-workers, the cashier at the grocery store, our moms…..

We are truly powered by beans!


Thanks Sarah, hearing your story how you get “powered by beans” is truly exciting.

Have an adventure to share? The time you went kayaking or rock climbing or perhaps your daily nature walk. We would love to hear it! Send us your story on our Contact Us page. You could be featured in our next blog.