It’s October, the season ghosts, goblins, ghouls and Halloween. There isn’t much not to like about Halloween really: costumes, candy, spooky movies and, of course, Halloween parties!

Whether you are a Halloween party hosting master, hosting for the first time this year or attending one with friends or family, no party is complete without festive treats for guests to enjoy! Don’t rely on boring old candy and chips. This year, serve up some creative and spooky Halloween food that will have the party buzzing!

A bubbling witch’s brew, spooky stuffed peppers and an All Hallows’ Eve twist on a classic party appetizer. We’ve rounded up a couple scary good Halloween-themed bean recipes that are fun, easy to make and will have your party guest screaming for more.

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The Bubbling Cauldron

We found this delightfully original recipe at and it had us cackling like a witch just thinking about serving this at this season’s Halloween party.

This dish is all about nailing the presentation. Get yourself a whole, unsliced loaf of marble rye bread, slice off the top and scoop out the bread top make your “cauldron”. Then, fill it with a yummy cheese, black bean, jalapeno and salsa the prepare the witch’s potion.

The eyes of a newt, tears of a unicorn and a crow’s foot are NOT required for this brew! Add a pretzel rod as your stirrer and you’ve got a visual knockout for your next party.


Shredded Chicken & Rice Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern Peppers

The perfect mix of spooky and adorable, we found this clever play on traditional stuffed peppers over at

Simple yet ingenious, this dish uses orange peppers instead of the traditional green peppers. Before you prep them in the boiling water, very carefully use a knife to cut a spooky face into each pepper like a Jack-O-Lantern.

Then, stuff them with a superb filling of succulent slow-cooked shredded chicken, Mexican rice, green chilies, cheese and black beans. Be sure to keep the tops for when you serve them to complete the pumpkin look!


Pumpkin Hummus has a wonderful seasonal twist on hummus – a party dip favorite – that will really put your taste buds in the Halloween spirit.

Easy to make and enjoy for large groups, just puree garbanzo beans, tahini, garlic, olive oil and all the other classic ingredients of hummus. The secret ingredient is pumpkin puree that gives it that unique and homey taste of fall. Garnish with some oven roasted pumpkin seeds for a little extra flair!

With these fun, unique and festive recipes in your arsenal, you will be sure to have the best tasting Halloween party in town! Be sure to check out our other recipes for other great fall dishes! Happy Halloween from Randall Beans!