Bean soups, stews and chili are some of our favorite kinds of recipes. Typically you only need a handful of ingredients, they are quick and easy to throw together and they are a good little something to have throughout the week.

When it comes to bean soups, stews and chili, there are undeniable classics. Ham and beans, black bean soup, vegetable stew, white chicken chili, kidney bean chili and just good old bean soup all come to mind. As wonderful as these classics may be, sometimes our culinary palettes just want a little something more.

It’s times like these that we dive through our cookbooks, go online or scratch our heads looking for a little creativity to kick these great recipes to the next level. We found a couple recipes that got our mouths watering and our interest peaked. Next time you are thinking of preparing a great big pot of soup, keep these unique twists on classic soups in mind.


Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili

White bean chicken chili is one of the ultimate winter warmers. Somewhere in between a soup and a chili, a great batch of this has a thinner, brothy base than ordinary chili, but lots of substance and some heat to back it up. What makes this recipe from Jennifer at Slow Cooker Gourmet is where it gets its heat from. Listen up, chicken wing fans.

Instead of relying on chili peppers and other spices to draw out flavor and heat, this recipe calls for hot wing sauce. Yup, about 1/2 a cup of your favorite or homemade buffalo wing sauce goes straight into the broth to inject heat and flavor. But the wing mania doesn’t stop there. The recipe also calls for ranch, cream cheese and blue cheese crumbles. This all combines to make a slightly thicker broth than usual and give your taste buds the pleasure of enjoying hot wings in soup form. What’s not to like with that?


Crock Pot Chipotle Ham and Bean Soup

Is there a better comfort food than ham and bean soup? Hearty, easy to make and full of down-home flavors. This recipe from Serena at Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch keeps everything you know and love about ham and bean while adding a little something different.

Usually a very mild and hearty dish, this recipe calls for adding some chipotle to the brew. The chipotle gives the soup that unique, smoky flavor while also bumping up the heat. Also packed full of carrots and celery, this rendition is certainly not lacking on substance and is the perfect avenue for getting those well needed vitamins during the winter.

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