We all know beans are a nutritious and healthy part of any diet.

The bounty of benefits beans have to offer include a load of nutrients that decrease chances of heart disease and cancer while helping weight loss. But what about man’s best friend? Humans obviously benefit from making beans apart of their diet but what about dogs?

We all know there are certain foods that are dangerous, toxic or even deadly to dogs like chocolate. Do beans fall into that category?


Can dogs eat beans?

The answer is pretty simple. Not only can dogs eat beans, but it has been found that beans are extremely healthy for dogs to eat!

Dogs, like humans, benefit from a diverse diet to get necessary vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, all of the protein and nutrients inside beans that are good for people are good for dogs also. Beans can help keep your dog’s heart healthy, blood sugar low, help maintain regular “movements” and supplement their protein intake.

However, feeding your dog beans does come with some precautions. Before you start feeding Fido heaping doses of beans, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Before you feed your dog beans…

Soak and cook your beans first – Your dog will get more nutritional benefit and have an easier time digesting beans if they are soaked and cooked first. Some varieties of beans contain elements in their raw form that can be harmful to dogs, such as kidney beans. Of course, if you feed your dog Randall Beans you won’t have to worry about any of the soaking and cooking.

Avoid canned beans – Canned beans have high levels of sodium and often contain other yucky chemicals used to preserved them or that come from the can that are toxic for dogs. Steer clear of feeding your canine beans from a can (even if you’ve drained and rinsed them). Randall Beans come in a glass jar and don’t contain any chemicals.

Rinse and drain your Randall Beans before serving them – All you get with a jar of Randall Beans are fully-cooked beans, water and small amounts of salt and sugar. Nothing in there is harmful to your dog, but rinsing and draining them before serving will help you watch your dog’s salt and sugar intake.

Beans cannot replace other sources of protein – While beans are a great source of protein, they should not be the only source. Treat beans as a nice treat or occasionally mix some in with their regular food.

Dogs get gas too – While beans are delicious and great for your body, one sometimes embarrassing side effects is gas. It is a totally natural thing and nothing to worry about. However, the same also goes for your dog. There isn’t really anything you can do to prevent it, but it should definitely be known ahead of time. If you take serious issue to doggie gas, it may be best to avoid feeding your dog too many beans.

So, can dogs eat beans? Certainly! Just make sure you follow the rules and beans can be a great addition to your furry friend’s diet.