As lovely as summer has been, we are looking forward to fall. Why? Autumn means we can start making big batches of soups and stews to help us keep warm with the dropping temperatures.

Soups are the ultimate comfort food. They are easy to make, they can feed a crowd and they are yummy and warm. But, unlike most comfort foods – casseroles, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy and other heavy fall and winter meals – soups have the ability to be hearty but still healthy. In fact, many great, hearty, warm, wonderful soups can even be vegetarian or even vegan.

To show just how creative and healthy soup can be, we put together a few of our favorite vegetarian soup recipes. As autumn rolls in, you’ll need some recipes like this on hand to satisfy your craving.


Mediterranean Pinto Bean & Rice Soup

This recipe from Tasty Mediterraneo calls for soaking dry beans. But, with Randall Beans, you can skip the soaking and get right to eating! And with this recipe, you will want to dive in as soon as you can! Full of fresh Mediterranean flavors and hearty pinto beans, this recipe is totally vegetarian and perfect served with olives and garlic bread or pita on the side.


Randall’s Italian Bean Soup

One of our favorite Randall Beans recipes – it’s even the cover image for our Sensational Soups cookbook – this Italian inspired bean soup is full of zest. Orzo and a mixture of Randall Beans pinto and great northern beans give it plenty of substance while fresh herbs and veggies help give it a light crunch. The recipe calls for chicken broth but works just as well with vegetable broth to make it vegetarian.


Kale Pesto Soup with White Beans and Cauliflower

Another creamy Randall Beans classic, this soup is given its thick body by pureeing Randall Great Northern Beans and cauliflower. By doing so, this creates thickness without having to add cream, butter or another fatty substitute. It even calls for a pesto mix to give it its unique flavor and color. But don’t worry, like everything else on this list, the pesto is vegetarian-friendly.

This recipe featuring Randall Great Northern Beans is a perfect summer side dish.