Everybody loves beans! And those that know beans best know that our Randall Beans are second to none – by far the best beans on Earth.

Our beans are special. From their delicious taste to the natural and wholesome way they are grown. Another thing that makes Randall Beans special is the jars they’re packaged in. The jars allow us to package them without any unnecessary chemical additives. It also lets us provide you with an assortment of sizes, like our ginormous 48-oz jars.

However, sometimes we catch flak because of our jars. Some people are quick to point out that our jars often cost more than a typical can of beans or a bag of dry beans. While it’s true, the proof, in this case, is in the pudding – a jar of Randall Beans gives you more bang for your buck.

A 48-oz jar of Randall Beans carries far, far more value than any old can or bag of beans ever could. Not only do you not have to worry chemical additives or the nasty, metallic taste of canned beans, a 48-oz jar of Randall Beans offers much, much more.



Perhaps the biggest advantage of jars over cans is their reusability. With one of our 48-oz jars, you can crack open the jar and not have to worry about using them all at once. Just close it back up and stick it in the fridge. Eat some now, eat some later. Half the jar can be used in your tasty pot of soup then use the rest as a quick protein boost to your salad for lunch. You do not get that convenience from a can. Once you’ve opened the can, you have to use ’em or lose ’em.


No Tupperware needed

Beans are great for large quality recipes like soups, stews and salads. With large quantity meals, there are bound to be leftovers. Well, if you prepared your meal with a jar of Randall Beans, you can keep Tupperware and other storage containers in the cupboard, because you have a container already! Randall Beans jars make perfect containers for your leftovers and their size can accommodate lots and lots of them.


No expiration date

People often point to the long shelf life of canned beans as a plus. But here’s a news flash for you: our jars of beans last just as long. You’ll notice we don’t put an expiration date on any of our jars of beans. This is because our jars are US FDA certified to be “commercially sterile.” As long as the seal is not broken, our beans are free from any microbes and have an indefinite shelf life! So, you can stock up your pantry with a couple jars to have on hand at a moment’s notice without the worry of them going to waste.


Easy & convenient

When it comes to convenience, a jar of Randall Beans beats our dry beans anytime. Dry beans require overnight soaking, time to chill and then need to be boiled to be ready to eat. Randall Beans are pre-soaked, pre-cooked and ready to eat straight from the jar if you want. Our jars contain nothing but beans, water and just a dash of sugar and salt to help keep them preserved. They don’t need to be rinsed, boiled, soaked or anything. That’s what makes them such a great ingredient for last minute meals or just something to add a little something extra to your dish.