When many families get together for Thanksgiving, they delegate food duties. Aunt Irma’s in charge of the stuffing. Cousin Gary has the mashed potatoes. Grandma and grandpa are making the turkey. That kind of thing.

This is a tradition many families embrace going back to the old story of the pilgrims at the very first Thanksgiving. Some even do it during the winter holidays. But, there’s always one issue that you have to deal with: transporting food.

Transporting food can be a nightmare. Hot pots and dishes, stuff spilling, getting cold or drying out. All this fuss can really put a damper on what should be a fun and memorable evening.

In an effort to make your holiday eating season more care-free we’ve got a couple food travel life-hacks for you. Happy Holidays!

Bring casseroles uncooked

One easy trick for preserving a casserole for travel is to prepare the casserole, but not bake it.

Not baking a casserole ahead of time can prevent your casserole from getting soggy, dried out, getting cold or otherwise ruining it. It will also help you out during travel because you won’t have to deal with carrying a super hot casserole dish and bringing extra protection.

Just make sure the container is properly sealed and protected to make sure there is no spillage and use extra oven space to bake it at your destination. This will also ensure your serve up the freshest casserole possible.

Use crockpots

Crockpots are amazing. Not only are they an awesome way to prepare everyday meals during the week, they are also an awesome solution for preparing and transporting food during the holidays.

Not only are they an awesome way to prepare everyday meals during the week, they are also an awesome solution for preparing and transporting food during the holidays.

If you are in charge of making a soup, stew or warm dip for your holiday party, using a crock pot is the way to go. A crockpot affords you a couple different luxuries. First, there is no need for transferring your dish. The crockpot is certainly capable of serving as the transportation vessel. Second, the crockpot gives you an easy way of keeping your dish warm and reheating upon arrival.

Simple methods for conserving hot and cold

Say it with me: coolers, tin foil and towels are your friends.

When it comes to transporting food you can never be too careful. Whether it’s keeping hot things hot things hot, cold things cold or stop dishes from spilling or splashing, always use the necessary materials when possible.

Double wrap that casserole. Stick that shrimp cocktail in a little cooler. Wrap those rolls in a blanket. Anything to help keep food fresh.

Always keep containers flat

This rule should go without saying but often bears repeating.

No matter what you make or how you transfer it, make sure it is stored in your vehicle securely. Keep casseroles flat in the back seat, crockpots strapped in upright. It wouldn’t hurt to even have someone ride in the back with your precious cargo to ensure it’s safety.

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