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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and you are no doubt preparing a delicious Irish feast for the occasion. But why stop there?

Simple, fun decorations can make even the smallest holidays or occasions that much more festive and fun. St. Patrick’s Day is no different, especially if you plan on having a little party or get-together.

Beans are an important part of many Irish dishes so, if you are cooking with Randall Beans, you are likely to have some spare jars leftover. Our jars make for great St. Patrick’s Day crafts with a little bit of creativity and flair. We found a few craft ideas using jars that we think you’ll just love! These are great for kids and adults alike.


Rainbow Jar Treats

The Gracious Wife has instructions on how to make these delightfully simple, yet incredibly cute rainbows in a jar. For these, we recommend using our smaller 14-oz. jars (unless you’ve got a bunch of sweets on hand). All you need are some Rolos, mini-marshmallows and a bag of Skittles, jelly beans or another rainbow-colored candy. Starting with the Rolos, layer mini-marshmallows and Skittles with a top layer of mini-marshmallows to create a sweet little rainbow in a jar leading to a pot of gold. This is great for kids or as a gift for guests.


Pot of Gold Jar Gifts

Here’s another great gift for guests and kids from Polkadot Chair. Using just a little black paint and some chocolate coins, her instructions will help you create your own little Randall Beans pot of gold! She even has links to some printable additions like a rainbow and cute tag to make your jars of gold even more fun. How sweet! This craft is perfect for our 24-oz. jars.


Shamrock Jars

With just a couple different colors of paint, you can turn any Randall Beans jar into a dazzling decoration thanks to Mason Jar Crafts. Try using our 24 or 48-oz. jars for this one. First, give it a good coat of gold metallic paint. After it dries, use a small or medium-sized paintbrush, a toothpick and some green paint to drop in some teeny tiny shamrocks. These jars make great vases, silverware holders or just simple decorations. Let your creativity decide how best to use them.


St. Pat’s Magic Vases

Yesterday on Tuesday features this awesome St. Patrick’s Day craft idea that really lets you personalize and be creative! Using Puffy Paint to lay out a St. Patty’s design like shamrocks, rainbows or any words you like. After you let it dry, cover it with green paint and your design will stand out underneath for a really neat finished look. Pick some pretty flowers and put them in your jar as a vase for a little beauty and life. Our 48-oz. jars are perfect for this since, after you remove the lable and wash the jar, there aren’t any additional ridges or patterns on the jar that will get in the way.

You’ve got crafts, but have you got the recipes? This St. Patrick’s Day try making your friends and family some delicious traditional Irish dishes like Irish Stew, Potato Soup, Shepherd’s Pie or a Corned Beef Pie! Be sure to check out our recipe page for more great recipes like these!



Turn your jars from Randall Beans into pots of gold this St. Patrick’s Day