Italian Salad


Salads seem a little out of place during cold weather, right. In the cold, you want hearty, warm and filling. Salads are meant for the summertime…

Not so fast! While salads are definitely more summer food, there are ways to make salads more accommodating to the early spring chills. Warm bean salad recipes are created to be more hearty and filling and usually include a warm element or citrus to help give the dish more life and brightness.

Warm salads are some of our favorite early spring and wintertime recipes. Here’s a couple we think you will enjoy too!


Italian Chopped Salad for Two

This recipe from Pinch and Swirl puts all the delicious and hearty qualities of an Italian sandwich into a terrific winter salad. You’ve got your kalamata olives, your sun-dried tomatoes, your salami, your provolone cheese and your lettuce. White beans serve as a bread substitute by providing some heft. Top it off with a simple, homemade dijon mustard vinegarette and you’ve got one majorly filling salad. This recipe makes a salad big enough for two, so share it with someone or pack it away for two separate lunches to get you through the week.


Citrus and White Bean Salad

This recipe is a Randall Beans original. Citrus’ peak season is the middle of winter which is a perfect relief from the unending cold. Grocery stores shelves are stocked with everything from grapefruits to clementines giving us an abundance of sunny fruits to choose from. In our winter citrus and white bean salad, we use refreshing grapefruit and Meyer lemons. We add white beans and cooked white fish for filling protein and richness. Like most salads, there’s lots of room for improvisation, so let loose your creative side!

This recipe featuring Randall Beans Great Northern Beans is a perfect summer side dish.