During this time where we are all doing our part to stay healthy and safe by staying at home with our family and loved ones one thing is certain, we are going to be doing a lot of cooking from home.

During this time, meals that make big portions and leave lots of leftovers are going to be great recipes to stick to. It helps you cover your bases for multiple meals and helps keep you from needing to make more frequent trips to the grocery store than you need.

We went through our recipe collection and pull four of our favorite recipes for big meals that make great leftovers! What is also great about these recipes is that they are also relatively simple to prepare and don’t require too complex of ingredients, so you should be able to find what you need at the grocery store and may already have a fair amount already in your pantry!

Stay safe and eat well, Randall Beans fans!


Randall Beans Mexican Bean Salad

Beans are hearty, delicious, and can be a meal all on their own! This recipe for a simple bean salad shows just how far beans can help stretch a meal. This recipe uses two varieties of Randall Beans (Randall Great Northern Beans, and Randall Ultimate 4-Bean Mixed Beans) but can be adjusted easily depending on your favorite beans and what you have easier access to.

The zesty Mexican-spiced dressing combined with the few simple vegetables you combine with the beans creates a healthy recipe that can easily become lunch for several days! You can even make a bigger serving and more leftovers by using 24oz. jars and adding a few more veggies.


Meat, Bean, and Potato Casserole

Right now is the perfect time to make some good old comfort food for your family! This meat, potato, and bean casserole doesn’t have much frills, but when something tastes this good and is this simple to make it doesn’t need anything fancy!

Meat and potatoes are a classic combination, but great northern white beans area perfect addition you didn’t know you were missing out on! They add an extra bit of protein that goes great with your beef or turkey and an extra creaminess that goes perfect with the potatoes. A casserole dish full of this amazing recipe is sure to keep your family happy and full for tonight, and the next night, and the next!


Smoked Ham and Bean Soup

It isn’t quite often that a recipe actually tastes better the next day, but when it comes to ham and beans that little extra time all the ingredients get to mesh together in the pot and then in the fridge almost makes the second bowl better than the first! But ham and beans aren’t just delicious, it is one of the easiest comfort meals to prepare and can be stretched for several meals. If you have a lot of broth but are running low on beans and ham, just add more beans!

This recipe uses our Randall Beans Soup Base, which is an easy-to-prepare primer for any soup recipe. You can make a bunch of it and freeze what you don’t use for future meals. As for the ham and beans, everything you want from a classic ham and beans recipe is present and accounted for, making this a tough one to beat when it comes to taste and simplicity!


Sausage & White Bean Cassoulet

Want an easy way to look like a hero? Try making your family this recipe! This is one of those recipes that looks like something you would slave all day over a hot stove making, but in reality, couldn’t be simpler to prepare! This cassoulet, a fancy French version of a casserole that straddles the line of being a stew, uses simple yet hearty ingredients for a recipe that takes a little and makes it go a long way.

While you are spending extra time at home, anyone looking to use their time practicing their skills in the kitchen should also give this recipe a try! Though not very skill intensive or requiring many fancy ingredients, this dish is a nice way to try out new flavors from a style of cuisine that you may not have tried much before.

Want to try something a little different? Be sure to check out our entire collection of recipes here! And don’t forget: Randall Beans jar make excellent, reusable leftover storage containers!