black bean hummus recipes

As you plan this summer’s big get-togethers, there are a few different kinds of recipes that will never be in short order: snacks and appetizers! As your hungry guests peruse through the party chatting and having a good time, they will always be looking for something good to snack on. So why not prepare your party with hummus recipes for everyone’s favorite party dip?

Hummus is one of the ultimate party foods. It is easy to make, always makes large portions, and because they are made with beans as the primary ingredient they are loaded with protein, making hummus recipes not only delicious but healthier than your average party dip.

Sometimes, however, some knock hummus for being a little bit one-note, meaning traditional hummus doesn’t have much variety in how it is prepared. But the truth couldn’t be any further away! Although traditional hummus consists of primarily garbanzo beans, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice, there are many different ways to approach hummus recipes to make them exciting and unique! 

Try these exciting hummus recipes for yourself using Randall Beans to delight your guests with this summer. 


Roasted Garlic & Herb White Bean Hummus

Hummus can be made with white beans too! Randall Great Northern Beans don’t have as nutty and earthy of a flavor as their cousins, garbanzo beans, but they are extremely creamy and make for a terrific bean base for which to make a batch of hummus. This recipe from Hello Glow uses white beans in combination with roasted garlic and herbs to make an extremely aromatic and herbaceous variety of hummus that is incredibly creamy and savory. Be sure to try this recipe with our own white beans!


Sweet Hummus Trio

Yep, you read that right: sweet hummus! Hummus is known as a savory dip, so why not try a different spin on things! We whipped up three very special hummus recipes showing off just how versatile hummus can be when combined with sweet ingredients. These aren’t just lighter dessert snacks that can be served with fruit and wafers, they also make a great afterschool snack during the school year for the kids!

Take a look at our hummus and dip recipes.