You may have noticed in the last few weeks that our website has undergone a visual transformation. We’d like to give you a complete look under the hood at what we have done to enhance your experience while you are visiting our site.

Updated and Clean Design

It had been a while since we launched the Randall Beans website, so we decided it was time to evaluate whether our older design still met not just our needs and goals, but your needs and goals as well.

We decided that it did not. The new design reflects where Randall Beans is and what our site visitors expect in the 21st century. Although we believe Randall jarred beans stand head and shoulders above any cooked bean products on the market, we realize that having a compelling web presence is a must to meet customer expectations when they shop and buy online.

We changed our color scheme a bit and we updated our font. We also gave our home page a more graphical interface, without relying so heavily on conveying our purpose and mission with only text.

We’ve also simplified our navigation to make it easier and faster for you to go directly where you want to go on the site.

Streamlined Main Pages

We discovered that some of our main pages had too much information in them and some had too little. We reviewed the main pages and modified them to provide you with all the information you need and none that you don’t need.

Added Locator Map

Now you can easily discover which stores near you carry Randall Beans products. The application prefills in your zip code. You select the type of bean and jar size you’re looking for. The locator then gives you a list of stores near you—with addresses and phone numbers—that carry that specific Randall Beans product.

Added New Ways to Buy

We are a customer-centric company. We listen to feedback and we incorporate that as part of our operations. To that end, we are working on packaging our Randall Beans products the way you have told us you want to buy them online.

Our first offering is our Randall Great Northern Beans Priority 4-Pack. Each case contains four 24oz jars of Randall Great Northern Beans, and the case is shipped via Priority Mail. Be sure to check back regularly as we continue to innovate to give you the optimal buying process.  

Updated Behind the Scenes

We won’t bore you with all the nuts and bolts of the technical side, but a website has many moving parts that you don’t see which can make it difficult for visitors.

We found that we had operating environments and themes in the back end that could be updated to improve website performance and responsiveness. We updated everything to the most current version.

We also discovered that our hosting service—where our website lives in the internet—had speed that was less than optimal. So, we moved our entire website to a hosting service with optimal speed. This means you’ll see the site load quickly and that it’s faster for you to navigate through the site and place orders.

More to Come

We are not done yet. There are many things that we continue to work on to bring you the best possible experience with the Randall Beans website. Many are taking place in the background, so you won’t see them, but you’ll benefit from them.

However, we are considering several new initiatives that you will see and that will enhance the way you can purchase Randall Beans products. These will be announced via our social channels. If you don’t yet follow us on FaceBook, Instagram, or Pinterest, you can connect with us from the Randall Beans website and follow us to get our latest announcements.

Thank you for your loyalty. The promise we strive to keep every day is “good people, great beans,” but we know it would not be possible if we didn’t have fantastic customers.