Tender beef and hearty vegetables combine to make this succulent wintertime stew. Our Hearty Beef and Pinto Bean Stew is the perfect recipe for cold winter nights when you need comfort food that warms you up. Lucious Randall Pinto Beans give this savory stew extra body and an additional protein boost.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 2 hours 10 minutes


• 2 Tbsp of olive oil

• 2 pounds of beef stew meat, cut into 1-inch pieces

• 1 large onion, chopped

• 2 large carrots, sliced

• 4 garlic cloves, minced

• 1 tsp of fresh thyme, chopped

• ½ tsp of dried sage

• 1 tsp of salt

• ½ tsp of black pepper

• 2 bay of leaves

• 3 cups of beef broth

• 4 cups of Randall Pinto Beans


Heat the oil in a Dutch oven or large pot over medium heat. Add the beef to the pot and brown on all sides for about 1-2 minutes per side. Make sure not to overcrowd the pot. Cook in batches if necessary.

Once the beef is browned, remove it from the pot. Add the onions and carrots and cook until soft, about 5-6 minutes.

Then add in the garlic, thyme, and dried sage. Cook until the garlic is fragrant, about 1 minute.

Add the salt, pepper, bay leaves, beef broth, and Randall Pinto Beans. Add the beef back to the pot. Bring this mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer. Cover and simmer for about 2 hours or until the beef is tender. 

Remove the lid for the last 30 minutes of simmering.

Serve your Hearty Beef and Pinto Bean Stew and enjoy!

Recipe inspired by and picture courtesy of myforkinglife.com.