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Guilt Free Sweets

Everyone loves to indulge in a little bit of something sweet, but we don’t love what it can do for your waistline. Cookies, cake, pies, and other sweets are full of calories, gluten, and fat that taste good but leave you feeling guilty. What’s a sweets lover to do?

Did you know beans can be used to make the same delicious desserts and treats you love without the guilt? Beans can be used to create a batter substitute for cakes, pies, and cookies without using excessive flour, making them healthier and many times gluten-free for those with dietary restrictions! Beans also give these treats an extra boost of protein, making them even healthier.

This free cookbook using Randall Beans is full of tasty bean sweets recipes just like that! Grab your copy to start baking wonderful treats you’ll be able to enjoy, without all the guilt!