It’s time to put away heavy winter dishes and trade them in for light spring dishes. And what’s better than a crisp, cool, satisfying bean salad when the weather turns warm? Nothing, that’s what. But if you’re tired of the same heavy bean salads drenched in mayonnaise, don’t despair. We’ve got some fresh takes on bean salad that’ll make a splash at your next potluck, or taste great on your dinner table.


White Bean Salad with Mint and Red Onion

Meaty, creamy great northern white beans pair beautifully with sharp, herbal spearmint and the acidic bite of capers. Try this dish paired with grilled fish spritzed lightly with lemon juice or to cut through the fat of a richer dish, like lamb or beef. The strong flavors of this bean salad can stand up to almost anything!


Dilled Pinto Bean Salad

When you think of pinto beans, do you only think of warm crocks of beans or Tex-Mex dishes? There’s so much more to this versatile bean. Try it in this unusual pinto bean salad, full of fresh tomatoes and the surprising bite of apple cider vinegar. Top it with chopped dill for a dish that goes great with salmon or pork.


Tuscan White Bean Salad with Roasted Tomatoes

Early in spring, it can be tough to find great tomatoes like you can at the height of summer. But if you’re hankering for those summer flavors, try oven roasting your tomatoes instead. Roasting concentrates the sugars in even mediocre tomatoes, giving them a sweet depth of flavor totally unlike anything else. Pair those tomatoes with white beans and dress them simply with oil, vinegar and rosemary, and you have a simple side dish that pairs with almost anything.

What are your favorite bean salad recipes?

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