Bean recipes for baked goods? Believe it or not, baking with beans can have some sweet results. Beans give a creaminess and fattiness to cookies, cakes, pies and brownies that means you need to use less oil, shortening or butter. Don’t believe us? Give one of these sweet treats a try, and tell us how it turns out:


Pinto Bean Fudge

A standard fudge recipe is little more than butter and powdered sugar. While delicious, such decadence can go straight to your hips. Swap out some of the fat and sugar by adding a cup of pureed pinto beans. The silkiness of the beans gives the fudge a smooth texture, and plenty of cocoa powder means no one’ll even know the beans are there, unless you tell them.


White Bean Blondies

Blondies are brownies’ less chocolatey sister. This recipe is entirely vegan, with no animal products of any kind. Sweet dates, bitter cocoa nibs and crunchy macadamia nuts give this bake sale favorite lots of texture and interest, while smooth white beans add moisture without the need for butter. This makes a perfect after school snack for the kids!

Get creative, get adventurous, and try these sweet bean recipes!

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