Stuck in a sandwich-making rut? Try something different by adding bean spread to your next sandwich. Bean spread can act as a condiment on your favorite sandwich, replacing boring old mayonnaise and mustard while adding a shot of flavor and protein. Bean spread can also stand on its own in sandwiches as the main protein. This is especially great for vegan or vegetarian sandwiches, or for people just looking for something new for their lunchboxes.

Keep this collection of vegan bean spread recipes on hand and easily transform any sandwich into something special.


Puree of White Beans with Garlic and Herbs

The combination of tahini, basil and garlic gives this spread a strong, fresh flavor and aroma. Select sandwich ingredients that complement the bold flavor. Spread a thick smear of this spread on a fresh baguette and add juicy slices of heirloom tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and shredded lettuce.


Bittman’s White Bean Dip on Turkish-Style Pita Bread

Infused with ginger, cinnamon and cardamom, this bean spread tastes great piled into pita bread all by itself, or add crunchy slices of Granny Smith apples for a sweet and savory vegetarian sensation. The spices in the dip give the white beans a sweet flavor without adding any sugar.


Pinto Bean Spread

Grilled cheese is a sandwich staple, but sometimes you get tired of American cheese on white bread. Try layering this onion-accented pinto bean spread onto your favorite flat bread. Top high with pepper jack cheese (or vegan cheese substitute) and pop under the broiler for an ooey gooey flatbread sandwich. You might also try adding roasted vegetables for a heartier meal.

Sandwiches don’t need to be boring. These vegetarian and vegan bean spread recipes are bound to be lunchbox favorites!


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