Grilling out makes getting dinner on the table a snap during the summer. Almost anything tastes great grilled and you’ll have a meal everyone will devour in no time. Grills are typically low maintenance, but they do require some general care to ensure your food taste its best. Not only will your food taste better, you’ll also find it’s easier to grill. A clean grill helps food stay in one piece during cooking. With only a few weeks left before the summer ends, make sure to get your grill out and out it to good use!

These grilling tips will take your skills to the next level:


Crank Up the Heat!

Like an oven, your grill’s best when you give it a chance to preheat, so plan on giving it about fifteen minutes to get up to temperature. A hot grill is key for searing the outside of your food and keeps the inside moist. When your grill grates are nice and hot, they give your food a nice caramelization and keep it from sticking.


Keep Your Grill Clean

Clean grill grates are just as important as heat when you want the crosshatched grill marks you see on food in magazines. It’s okay if you forgot to clean your grill after your last cookout; let your grill preheat before scraping the grates with a wire brush and any left over food comes right off. Grill marks aren’t just for looks–when you grill vegetables for our mixed bean salad, you’ll really notice how the char adds flavor to the dish.

Grilling delicate bean burgers and leaner meats require a little extra care to keep them from sticking and falling apart. You can give your food the best chance at grill survival by oiling your grates once they’re preheated and using a sturdy spatula for a swift flip. Avoid using olive oil or cooking sprays on your grill since they will smoke and burn at high temperatures. Instead, soak a folded up paper towel in vegetable oil and rub it on the grill grates with a pair of tongs.

What are favorite grilling tips to make your food taste great?

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