Are you surprised that you could prepare a 3-course meal with pinto beans in every dish? Take advantage of the versatility and nutritional value of pinto beans. We have prepared some delicious dinner ideas for you to impress your friends and family including an appetizer and entree. Put on your bibs and dig in!



Spicy Greek and Indian Style Pinto Bean Dip

If you like to try new things, this pinto bean dip is for you. Be aware though, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s very spicy but tasty as an appetizer (with pita or light tortilla chips) or on a wrap for a light lunch. The interesting combination of spices and flavors is perfect and easy for any occasion. It’ll add a creamy, texturized kick to your pre-meal munches.



Avocado and Pinto Bean Enchiladas

This dish not only tastes great, but looks great as well. The mouth watering enchiladas have cashews, avocados and of course you’ll need a jar of Randall Beans pinto beans. And you’ll definitely need to raid your spice cabinet to create the complex spice mixture. The cashews’ crunchy texture added to mashed avocados, beans and a variety of spices gives an exciting new twist to the classic enchilada.  Everyone will be grabbing for seconds.

Is your stomach growling yet? These great Pinto Bean recipes are some of our favorites. Try them out at your house and let us at Randall Beans know what you think!

Score Big with your fans by adding Randall Pinto Beans to any meal.