Although we could eat chili any time of year, there’s something about cold weather that makes a big bowl of chili the perfect food for fall. While ground beef is a classic to go with bean chili, turkey offers a leaner alternative. Plus, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that later this month, you might just find yourself with some leftover turkey. Call it a hunch. Here are our favorite recipes for turkey bean chili–what’s yours?


Turkey and White Bean Chili

Dump the ingredients for this turkey and white bean chili into a pot and go. Although fast is always good, the main attraction here is a velvety combination of white bean, sour cream, sautéed onions and garlic. Mild chopped chilies add a little heat. Many times, the garnishes in recipes are optional, but the cilantro and lime juice really make this recipe shine–don’t skip them!


Turkey Chili with Pintos

Many recipes call for flour to thicken soups and stews, but this one takes an interesting tactic, using cornmeal to add texture and that nutty corn taste to this turkey and pinto bean recipe. This recipe is bursting with garlic and both mild Anaheim chilis and traditional jalapenos. Again, no skipping the garnishes; toasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds) make for a crunchy surprise.


Turkey Pinto Bean White Chili with Lime and Cilantro

The kids will love this bright green chili. The color comes from loads of fresh lime juice and cilantro. Many people find the taste of cilantro to be soapy, but we think it makes this healthy chili dish pop. This recipe calls for a few unusual herbs like Mexican oregano and epazote, but you can find these in the ethnic aisle of most grocery stores. Try something different with your chili.


Do you have a favorite turkey chili recipe of your own? We’d love to hear it!

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