When you are looking to buy beans, or any food with a long shelf-life, to store in your home you are really only presented with two options: jars or cans. Both are readily available options in your local grocery store or supermarket and you may tell yourself that there really is no great difference or best way to go when you are stocking up on your latest grocery run. Maybe size, convenience or perhaps price power your decision making? However, you may want to take a second to reconsider your thought process, because when it comes to providing you and your family with the freshest and safest food available, jars truly do kick the can to the curb.

Here’s why…

Use them over and over

When you open a can of food, what do you do? You empty the contents and toss it in the recycling, right? That really is the end of it. Cans are a one-trick pony and, although on the cheap side, lack any kind of reusability or repurposing.

Not jars though. Open a jar and don’t use everything at once? No problem, just seal it up and put it in the fridge to stay fresh. And when you are done you don’t have to just toss the jar. Glass jars are easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher so you can use them over and over again. Use them for your leftovers, storing homemade creations, decorative containers for spices or whatever your imagination can cook up.


Repurpose 3


You know exactly what you are getting

There is no unease of the unknown with jars. Their transparent glass container offers no uncertainty: what you see is what you get. Does it look good? How much am I getting? Questions such as these are answered in an instant with one look at the jar.

Cans cannot offer that same comfort. You are reliant on a piece of paper slapped on the front of the aluminum can with a picture that could or could not represent exactly what it is you are spending your money on. No one knows if the can is underfilled, contains something should not be in there or, more importantly, what you are buy actually looks like. You are totally reliant on blind guessing and the promises that you can only read.


How fresh is the canned food anyway?

Part of the industrial canning process requires cans to undergo intense heating, up to 240-250 degrees Fahrenheit. While this is meant to sterilize, kill microbes and create a seal, this extreme level of heat does open the door to hurting the quality and freshness of the food inside. A nasty surprise for sure for anyone opening that can!

And worst of all…


Metal cans and tins prepared for recycling


Aluminum cans carry health concerns

When cans are prepared to be filled with food, the insides are coated with epoxy resins as a way to seal in the food. These resins contain a chemical compound called BPA which has the potential to seep into the food that it is exposed to in cans. BPA is not exactly what you would call a “healthy additive”. Research has shown that BPA can cause health issues if consumed such as negative effects on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses and to infants and children as well as a link to increased blood pressure. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to be feeding to your family.


The Verdict

Randall Beans only uses the best glass containers to jar our beans, which means you won’t have to worry about guessing what you are eating, wondering if what’s inside is fresh or worry about any unwanted and unhealthy additives in your food. Why take a gamble when you can have a sure thing? So next time you are out shopping, put down the can pick up a jar you know you can trust.

Want to see what Randall Beans is all about, but there is not a location near you? With our online store Randall is closer than you think! Head over and get powered by beans today!