Couple running on snow

Brrr! Where did summer go?!

It doesn’t seem so long ago we were wearing our shorts and flip-flops, enjoying the great outdoors and the beautiful spring and summer weather. Now, fall has come and winter is not far behind. Fun afternoons enjoyed outside will now give way to bundling up indoors and watching movies. I know we aren’t the only ones that worry about putting on a little winter weight this time of year, what with all the sitting around and eating inside and the lack of opportunity for outside activity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t hibernate this year!

There are plenty of things you can do to keep fit and active in the cold weather months ahead.

Walk the mall

Taking frequent visits to the mall is an easy way to get some walking in when the weather turns south. We can’t be the only ones who have exhausted ourselves after getting lost at the mall before, right? Put your legs to work walking around the mall, grab a quick healthy lunch at the food court and peruse the different shops. The only thing this activity may be unhealthy to is your wallet. But, just tell yourself you are getting a head start on Christmas shopping and rest easy.

Do yard work

Who said yard work had to be a chore? Kill two birds with one stone by knocking out some household chores and keeping your body moving and active. In the fall, raking leaves, picking up sticks and chopping wood for the fireplace are all good ways to get yourself out of the house and expend some pent-up energy. In the winter, grab a shovel and clear the driveway and sidewalks of all the fallen snow. These may not seem like super strenuous activities, but every little bit counts. Just make sure you bundle up first!

Hit the pool

Indoor pools at your local gyms and YMCA’s are open year round. Join up and start taking advantage. Swimming is an ideal form of exercise, as it works just about every part of the body and is great for any type of exercise or conditioning. It is particularly good for your cardio, and you avoid all the stinky, dirty, sweatiness of other forms of exercise. Whether you are splashing around and playing or swimming laps, it is hard to go wrong with swimming as a healthy activity. As an added bonus, these pools are usually kept nice and warm, ideal for escaping the cold.

Just get out there

Did you know being active in the cold helps you burn more calories? Your body works harder to compensate for the lack of warmth by working harder to generate more heat. You can also go longer and at a more intense rate because there is less humidity, making you feel more invigorated. So just go out and enjoy the fall and winter months. Go for a jog, take the dog for a walk or just stroll through nature taking in all the beautiful colors and scenes. Just be sure you bundle up and be careful.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to eat healthy too! Check out our cookbook for some hearty, and healthy, recipes that will keep you satisfied during the chilly months ahead, or check out other great recipes!