One of the things that we are most proud of about our beans and what helps make them so special is the jars they come in.

Why you ask? They make our beans better taste better and better for you, they let you seal them back up if you can resist eating the whole batch right away and you get the bonus of a free container for storing leftovers once it has been emptied and washed.

But, if you are like us, you may have waaay too many jars left over. With all these extra jars coming out of your ears and not enough food to put in them, you may be tempted to just start pitching them.

Stop right there!

Before you go wasting another jar, why not find another, craftier and more fun way to put them to use? With a little inspiration and imagination, you can turn those excess jars into fun (and practical) crafts to use and enjoy around the house. Here are so Randall Beans jar craft ideas you can try for yourself.

Jar Herb Garden

Pick out some of your favorite cooking herbs, fill up some loose jars with soil and you have your very own herb garden to keep on your kitchen window sill, providing you fresh herbs and spices when you cook. Herbs are easier to manage in many way that regular house plants, but they still need plenty of sunlight and water. Keeping each herb in its own jar will help you provide the personalized care that each one needs.

There isn’t a tutorial necessary, but take a look at this beautiful example for some inspiration. We taught you not too long ago about how to grow an indoor garden, so this should be a breeze since it is on a smaller scale.

Summertime Jar Glass

Empty Randall Beans jars make excellent glasses for summertime drinks! With a little, scrubbing, work and decorating, our jars can easily turned into trendy drink containers when sitting around the pool or on the deck enjoying the sunshine. Resealing it with the lid – or making a hole for a straw through the lid – will help keep away any unwanted critters who may be attracted by the sweet smell. And, if your drink requires any mixing you can do it right in the glass.

Oh, and did we mention they are super cute too! We put together a little step-by-step for you to follow a little while back. Enjoy the sunshine in style!

Jar Oil Lamp

Who doesn’t love scented candles? Bright, vibrant scents can make any room inviting. These DIY scented oil candles and lamps are perfect for the indoors or outdoors. They only require a few, easily obtainable materials other than the jar and are simple to put together. Use different materials from flowers to fruits and vegetables to create a variety of delightful scents.

Imagine lighting up your backyard barbecue with some of these!

Do you do any arts and crafts with our leftover jars? We would love to see your work. We may even be so impressed we’ll share it!