The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays.

It is a day full of fun. Start the afternoon off lounging around the pool or outside sipping cool drinks. As the day goes on, fire up the grill for BBQ favorites like brats, burgers, chicken and ribs served with yummy side dishes like corn, pasta salad and hopefully some Randall Beans baked beans! In the evening, grab a chair and bundle up as watch the booming fireworks.

The 4th of July, like Christmas, is a holiday that people generally go all out for. Red, white and blue clothes, decorations and disposable plates and cutlery are everywhere. These kinds of little touches and 4th of July crafts always help guests get more into the patriotic spirit and make the day that much more memorable.

We found some fun and simple 4th of July crafts you can do to spice up your 4th of July party this year and put your empty Randall Beans jars to good use. From food, drinks or a simple decoration, these crafts are the ultimate salute to the red, white and blue.


Red White and Blue Cupcake in a Jar

This 4th of July craft may very well be the most delicious thing you eat this 4th of July. It will definitely be one of the most patriotic pieces of your party. This recipe from Two Sisters Crafting is a 4th of July-inspired deconstruction of a cupcake served in a jar. This recipe uses dyed cake batter and icing to create the red, white and blue.

A good tip for preparing this recipe is to make the cake on parchment lined cookie sheets instead of cake pans. This will help keep the edges from browning and makes it easier to scoop out. We also suggest trying this recipe in our smaller 14-oz jars. The smaller jars make it easier to reach in with a fork and lets you make more servings.


Patriotic Sand Art Jar Decoration

Easy, fun, multi-purpose and great for kids: this decoration is the total 4th of July package. We found this idea at Atta Girl Says and it is beyond cute! All you need is a couple bags of red, white and blue colored sand and some helpers. Recruit the kids to help you layer the red, white and blue sand on top of each other. Just be sure you do this one outside or over a sheet to catch any spills!

Once you’ve gotten this far, the rest is up to your imagination! Leave them as is as a fun decoration or spruce them up even more. Add sparklers, tealight candles, American flags, pinwheels, fake flowers or whatever your mind can come up with.


July 4th Layered Drinks

Need a cold, patriotic drink to sip by the pool? Try preparing this concoction put together by In Katrina’s Kitchen in a Randall Beans jar! All you need is some ice, CranApple juice, White Sobe Pina Colada and Blue Gatorade. The contents of the three different liquids allow them to float on top of each and keep from mixing together.

This drink is non-alcoholic so everyone can enjoy one! Make them even more fun with red, white and blue straws or ribbons as decoration. For best results, prepare these in our 24 or 48-oz jars.

Randall Beans hopes you all have a happy and safe 4th of July! We hope your get-together or BBQ is the best in town. You can always make it better with great food! Download our free cookbook to check out our other great recipes.

Bring the Celebration home with Randall Great Northern Beans this 4th of July