Randall Organic Great Northern Beans

4 ingredients: that’s all that goes into each jar of Randall Beans

Cooked beans, water, salt and sugar. No junky or hidden preservatives or chemicals, just delicious and nutritious, fully-cooked and ready-to-eat-beans.

However, there will always be skeptics. We often get asked about those last two ingredients: salt and sugar. And it’s understandable. After all, too much sugar and too much salt is never a good thing.


So, how much sugar and salt are actually in each jar of Randall Beans?

Truthfully, hardly any at all! The truth is, if you look at our nutritional labels, you’ll see that we only use 1 gram of sugar and never any more than 350 mg of sodium (salt).

In fact, there is so little sugar in our beans that we could probably get away with using some generic term like “spices” or not posting them at all. But, we don’t want to pull wool over our wonderful customers’ eyes.

Another question we get is, “So, if there’s hardly any in there… why put it in there at all?” Again, another great question!

Sodium (salt) and sugar may be used lightly, but they actually play two very important roles for our beloved jars of beans.

First of all, salt and sugar provide a little bit of added flavor to our beans. Now, they are so tasty they hardly need any help. But, as the saying goes, a little bit of sugar and spice makes everything nice!

Secondly, and more importantly, salt and sugar as used primarily as a natural preservative. Many other companies for a variety of products use different chemicals as a preservative, but not us. We respect the natural awesomeness of our beans and don’t want to mess with that in any way. Thanks to a little bit of salt and sugar, our beans are benefited with a naturally long self-life and can be stashed away in your pantry for several months and used whenever you get the hankering for beans.

If you are interested in the science behind salt and sugar being used as a preservative you can check out this article here.