We’re in the final stretch of summer, but there is still plenty of time to get some grilling in before we call it quits for the year.

Of course, we all know the best kind of grilling is healthy grilling!

Healthy grilling can often time be a challenge, however. There is always the temptation to get carried away with cooking and eating nothing but meat along side unhealthy sides all covered in salty and sugary condiments.

But, with a little care and planning, you can put together a healthy afternoon of barbecuing without sacrificing taste and everything else you love about grilling.

Here’s how.


Don’t forget healthy options

Grilling doesn’t have to be all brats, burgers and steak. There are plenty of other tasty and healthier grilling options to offer or substitute, not only as side dishes but as the main course.

Everyone loves a good meaty burger, but have you ever tried substituting them with bean-based veggie burgers or mushrooms? Bean burgers are full of delicious and natural flavors. Beans form the hearty base and are perfectly joined with corn, quinoa and much more. Randall Beans has an amazing collection of bean burgers compiled into a free cookbook, which you can download below!

Portobello mushrooms are thick, hearty, flavorful and the perfect size for a bun. Dress them up with some balsamic vinegarette and alfalfa sprouts and they are a great healthy or vegetarian substitute. Just as hearty as regular burgers, but not as heavy in your stomach, both of these options should always be included at your barbecue.


Use whole grain bread & buns

Whether you are eating a burger or brat, veggie burger or portobello burger, you can always healthify it up by serving it on a whole grain bun or bread.

Whole grain bread is higher in fiber, has a richer texture and just tastes better in our book than regular white bread. If you’re eating healthy grilling options, why wouldn’t you want to serve them with something equally healthy?

For those looking to kick up the healthy another notch and are looking to avoid calories and carbs, you can always serve open-faced sandwiches also.


Trim the skin and fat

When preparing your meat for the grill, there are a couple important steps you need take before you toss them on the grill. To help limit the amount of fat from your food, limit your purchases you skinless chicken or take the time to take them off yourself. Don’t stop at chicken either.

Don’t stop at chicken either. Trim excess fat from your beef, pork and other meats. Small amounts of fat are great for flavor but, unlike some things, too much fat is never a good thing.

Additionally, be sure to arrange your meat on the grill so that they don’t drip on each other. Yes, grilling meat will help cook away some of the fat… but where does it go? It drips out. So, if your food is dripping on one another you are kind of defeating the purpose, aren’t you?!

Stick with these tips and you can wrap up your summer grilling – healthy style! And don’t forget to download a copy of our free cookbook!