Leftovers often get a bad rap for being boring. There are no boring leftover meals, just boring cooks!

With a little ingenuity, creativity and a great recipe or two, common leftovers can be reused in different ways and offer brand new tastes. Best of all, most of your work has already been done, so these kinds of recipes are often low-effort and can be ready to enjoy in no time.

Got leftover hamburger, chicken, pork or turkey taking up space in the fridge? Try one of these leftover recipes.

Crock Pot Beefy Hearty Beans

Beef and beans. What could be better?! Recipes That Crock has an awesome recipe that is somewhere between a stew, baked beans and a casserole – but definitely tasty. Using leftover ground beef or breaking down leftover hamburgers, all you need is some bacon, onion, Randall Beans Pinto Beans and a few other ingredients to toss into your slow cooker. Simple as that! Let them sit for a couple of hours and you’ll have yourself a dish perfect as a side or a main course of its own.

Easy 30-Minute Kale, White Bean and Chicken Soup

Got some leftover chicken, spare veggies and 30 minutes? That’s just about all you need to make this hearty and healthy soup recipe from Averie Cooks. Raid your pantry for some zucchini, cabbage, onion, kale and other ingredients to pair with leftover shredded chicken and Randall Beans Great Northern Beans. This recipe calls for cannellini beans, but we think great northern beans provide a little better flavor and texture to this recipe. Toss them all in a pot, let them get friendly and you’ve got a delicious and healthy leftover soup.

Leftover Pork Tenderloin Crock Pot Chili

Who doesn’t love chili? It is especially great if you can make a pot using leftovers. Next time you have leftover pork tenderloin or pork chops, try making this de-lish chili recipe we found at Food.com. Chop up your leftover pork and toss it in your slow cooker with some Randall Beans Black Beans for a little south of the border flavor. Pair them with other classic chili staples like onion, garlic, tomato, beef broth and more spices than you can shake a stick at. Perfect for using up leftovers and beating the chilly winter weather.

Thanksgiving Leftover Soup and Dumplings

Perhaps a little forward-thinking as of the time writing this. But hey, what occasion produces leftovers like Thanksgiving? Besides, there shouldn’t be just one time a year we enjoy turkey and stuffing… that stuff is good! This is a recipe of our own is the perfect solution to the mountains of leftover turkey and stuffing we all find ourselves dealing with at least once a year. Toss in your turkey, kale, onion, herbs and some Randall Beans Garbanzo Beans. Then, roll your leftover stuffing into dumplings for some extra deliciousness. Unconventional, but amazing.

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