Salads are the perfect summer food. Fresh, healthy and full of bright flavors, salads are great snacks, sides and meals all of themselves. Bean salad recipes are even better because they are a much healthier way to enjoy fresh summer salads and still get plenty of protein.

If you want to eat healthy this summer, beans salads are the best way to do it! Here’s are a couple of our favorites.


Lemon White Bean Salad

Quick and healthy, this salad from The Fed Up Foodie is packed with amazingly fresh fruits and veggies like tomatoes, red onions and cucumbers. Then, using just a little bit of olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and herbs, a super zesty and bright dressing ties it all together, balanced perfectly with creamy white beans and sharp feta cheese. We are a big, big fan of weekly meal prep, and this recipe is perfect for make-ahead meals.


Avocado Bean Salad with Quinoa

Need a break from the traditional lettuce, spinach or kale salad? Try this bean salad from Luci’s Morsels using quinoa as a key element. Quinoa, the high protein and gluten-free grain, is a healthy alternative for rice and a great base to build any salad around, particularly bean salads! This salad is wonderful because it is full of avocado, white beans and black eyed peas that give it a creamy texture without any fattening dressing. The quinoa, meanwhile, helps balance it out by providing extra texture.