Most people don’t often think about beans for breakfast. When they do, they may just think of a plate of the “English Breakfast”, canned baked beans slapped on a plate next to some eggs, sausage and toast. For us, that’s a pass.

But, to say beans can’t be a part of a delicious and appealing breakfast is just plain wrong! In fact, beans are a great option for breakfast. Beans are nutritious and a great source for protein, which are both important facts for breakfast food, which can tend to be very sugary or artificial.

They are of course also delicious, especially when combined with Southwestern and Mexican flavors. Give beans for breakfast a chance, and start with these recipes which are Randall Beans original recipes!

In fact, these breakfast bean recipes might make these beans the most important bean of your day!

Mexican Breakfast Casserole

This breakfast bean casserole stacks up eggs, sausage (or chorizo), cheese, peppers, herbs and Randall Beans pinto beans in between layers of tortillas. And boy, is it big and filling enough to feed a big crowd! All in all, you can whip this bean casserole together in just about an hour, making it a great dish for Saturday or Sunday brunches with friends and family.

To save some time, you can also prepare part of the recipe (steps 1 through 5) ahead of time and keep it in the fridge overnight. That way, all you have to do is pop it in the oven in the morning.

Cuban Rice & Black Bean Breakfast

This recipe came to us from a Randall Beans fan who swears by this recipe as a creative way to feature beans for breakfast. They recommended cooking the rice in the leftover liquid from your jar of black beans to give it an earthier flavor.

The finishing touch, and what really makes this a breakfast dish, is topping it all off with a fried egg. The egg adds a rich and creamy quality and the runny yolk mixes perfectly with the rice to help hold it all together.

Huevos Rancheros with Refried Beans

Huevos rancheros is a breakfast-time classic. Fried eggs laid atop fresh, crispy tortillas served with zesty salsa and avocado slices (or guacamole, if you prefer) all on a base of pinto beans which can easily be made with Randall Beans pinto beans.

The heartiness of the beans. The zestiness of the salsa and lime. The creaminess of the avocado. The runny eggs. The crunchiness of the tortilla. These components work so well off each other. It’s almost the perfect breakfast dish! Try it with some home fries and breakfast meat like bacon, sausage or chorizo on the side.

Grab and Go Black Bean Quiche

These mini quiche muffins are super easy! You can use canned crescent roll dough to give a flaky substitute for pastry crust. Fill out the inside with egg, cream cheese, peppers and onions and a helping of Randall Beans black beans and you’ve got a perfect recipe for breakfast meal planning ahead.

As with just about any quiche, you can add or subtract the veggies of your choice – replace them with spinach, mushrooms or tomatoes for a change in flavor and texture to fit your tastes.