Fall is in the air! Fall, of course, is the season for soups, and stews. With the temperature dropping, it is the perfect time to warm up with a hot bowl of soup.

Plus, you can make a large batch to reheat for lunches and dinners for the rest of the week for easy meal prep!

We are definitely going to be making our fair share of soup this fall, so we decided to share a collection of some of our favorite bean soup recipes so you can do the same!


Italian-Style Ham and Bean Soup

While we hate messing with perfection, sometimes it is fun to take a new approach to something timeless, like a pot of ham and beans. With some subtle differences to a standard recipe, this dish is a unique turn that you’ll want in your recipe book.

This recipe boasts some bigger and bolder flavors. As you probably guessed from the name, this recipe introduced some Italian seasonings, bay leaves and fresh rosemary to the traditional ham and bean concoction. In doing so, you preserve that meaty flavor of ham and beans you love but give it a fresh kick in the pants.


Randall’s Italian Bean Soup

Pinto beans, traditionally used in North American and South American cuisine, may seem like a curious choice for an Italian dish, but stick with us. The creamy texture of pinto beans plays strongly as a compliment with great northern white beans, which are very common in Italian cuisine.

Serve with your favorite store-bought or homemade Italian bread for dipping or as a side and top your bowl off with yummy parmesan and zesty pesto. It’s delicious and easy to whip together in just a few minutes. Certifiably to die for!


Pork and Green Chili Pinto Bean Stew

Pork and beans are a dynamic duo like none other. But, when the pair meets green chilis they get sent to a whole new level. Whether you make them fresh at home or get them out of a can, green chilis add something special to any recipe. Perfectly pairing bite and flavor, green chilis are the perfect addition to a traditional pork and bean stew.

This recipe calls for our pinto beans which gives it a little bit of a southwestern take on pork and beans. Along with green chilis, don’t forget to toss in jalapenos to enhance this dish’s flavors and heat. Hearty, healthy, spicy and flavorful: this recipe has everything you want out of a hot bowl of soup.


Great Northern White Bean Irish Stew

Does it have to be St. Patrick’s Day for you to enjoy great Irish food? Heck no! Great recipes do not need a  special occasion. This hearty Irish is stew is perfect for chilly fall evenings. What makes this Irish Stew great is the simplicity of its ingredients and instructions. Onions, carrots, beef, potatoes, broth and spices thrown in a pot is the no-frills approach to this classic.

However, while respecting tradition, it is always fun to mix things up! That’s why in this recipe we added Randall Beans Great Northern Beans into the mix. Why? Because everything is better with beans, of course! They give every dish they are in that little extra flavor and texture. Great northern beans fit right in.


Mixed Bean Pasta Fagioli

Pasta fagioli, or pasta with beans, is just as traditional and popular Italian dish as pizza. Consisting of easily obtainable ingredients, the recipe creates a filling and tasty bean soup that is great for feeding a crowd.

Like the traditional preparation, this dish uses chicken stock as the broth base, but also uses your favorite marinara sauce to give it color and extra tomato flavor. The marinara helps give the pasta fagioli a thicker broth and, depending on what brand or style of sauce you choose to use, a bevy of extra flavors to enjoy.

Stock up your pantry today, so that you will have the ingredients for this delicious recipe. Rest assured this recipe will have your family and friends saying “Grazie milla”!