Have you heard of the Keto Diet?

This new diet has been growing and growing in popularity. Much like the Adkins Diet, this low-carb diet seeks to greatly limit the number of carbohydrates consumes and replace it with higher amounts of protein and fat.

The Keto Diet achieves this by promoting foods like fish and seafood, cheeses, oils and butter, eggs, red meat and fruits and non-starchy vegetables while avoiding soda, bread, pasta, candy, beer, rice and similar foods.

The goal of the diet is to get the body to enter ketosis. Ketosis is a natural metabolic process when the body does not have enough glucose to use for energy and instead starts burning the body fat the body has stored up. Consuming fewer carbs and more fat and protein can encourage the body to achieve this faster.

While the Keto Diet is mostly thought of as a short-term weight loss solution, studies have actually shown that a diet like this has health benefits to other areas such as heart health, brain health and treating conditions like diabetes and epilepsy.


What about beans?

It is no secret how healthy beans can be! With so many benefits to the body, the mind and already being a healthy and reliable food for weight loss it stands to ask the questions: “do beans have a place in the Keto Diet?”

Right off the bat, beans check one of the biggest boxes in the Keto Diet by being a great protein source. However, there is a bit of a debate as to where beans fit into this diet.

The typical Keto Diet usually only allows for a whopping total of 50 grams of carbs per day. Sometimes dieters will even opt for less than that! So, while beans are FAR FAR FAR from a high-carb source (1 serving of Randall Beans contain only 17 grams of carbohydrates) when you are counting carbs that closely every gram counts.

Some may consider that carbs-per-serving too much of an investment when you have so little to work with. But that is how we see it.


Beans still have a place!

When you only have so many carbohydrates in a day to consume, you might as well get them as part of a food that offers so much more! And you could do a whole lot worse than beans.

Smartly incorporating beans into your Keto Diet supplies your body with that boost of protein you are looking for as well as the added benefit of supplying your body other amazing nutrients like fiber, calcium and iron!

Looking for Keto Diet-friendly ways to incorporate beans into your diet? Here are a couple of Randall Beans recipes featuring ingredients that should be right in line with your Keto Diet.


Grilled Salmon Fillets with Pinto Bean Salsa

Mediterranean White Bean Salad


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