Randall Beans jar of beans with saying on bottom of cap


Another decade is in the books, and this past 10 years has been a busy one for Randall!  We unveiled a new line of organic beans and introduced a new jar size, upgrading from 14oz. jars to 15.4oz. jars.

As we start heading into 2020 and the decade to come, there is one thing that we can say with absolute certainty will not change: our commitment to selling delicious and healthy beans in our famous glass jars.

Yes indeed the times may change, and others may rely on aluminum cans for their products, but our love for our jars will never change! This is why we choose to use glass jars over aluminum cans – and why we will keep using them for years to come.



Beans are a great addition to any dish. Want a little extra flavor and protein on your salad? Add some beans. Have lots of soup broth leftover but a little low on filler? Add some extra beans. But what if you don’t need to use all your beans at once?

Our jars let you use however much or little you need and then seal it back up for another time using the lid! Once the seal is broken, our beans can last up to a week in the fridge so you can enjoy them and add them to more meals for the rest of the week. You won’t find that luxury with an aluminum can.



Even after the beans are gone, our glass jars aren’t just resealable but reusable too! Our jars, especially the 48oz. size, are the perfect vessel for storing your leftovers after you get done cooking your favorite Randall recipes! It only makes sense since the beans you used came from there right?

Just like your Tupperware supply, wash out the jars and you can keep using them for years and years to come, keeping them out of your trash and landfills. They also make great containers for take-to-work meals.


100% Recyclable

The thought of recyclable materials sitting and wasting away in a landfill makes us sick! That is why we are proud that our jars are 100% recyclable! This means once the jars have run their course in your home, they can be recycled and help make future jars of Randall Beans.

Not to mention, glass is a far more environmentally friendly material than aluminum or plastic. When our jars are recycled, the process requires much less energy and less materials.


No extra junk

The jarring process and the approach we take to our beans means we only use good, healthy ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Here is what you’ll find in any old jar of Randall Beans: Fully cooked beans, water, a pinch of sugar and a pinch of salt. It says that on the label and it is true for every jar.

Compare that to some of the nasty chemical additives that are used in canned beans to help preserve them and you’ll never look at a can of beans the same way ever again. We’ll stick to four simple ingredients, thanks very much.

Who knows what the next decade holds for Randall!? One thing we can guarantee is that we will keep championing glass jars and keep delivering on serving you your favorite delicious beans.