weight watching recipes with beans can help you keep your goals

The end of the year is upon us, and thank goodness for that! I think everyone has just about had their fill of 2020 and is ready to turn our focus to 2021 and all the good things that we hope to come next year. However, the New Year’s tradition of setting resolutions helps us be proactive as a part of the positive changes in the coming year, particularly when it comes to self improvement.

Many people opt for trying to eat healthier and work towards dropping a few pounds, which is always a terrific goal to work towards. The problem many people run into during their weight watching during the new year is finding recipes that aren’t just healthy but also taste delicious. 

Fortunately for weight watchers, Randall Beans are the perfect ingredient to incorporate into your daily diet to help you achieve, and maintain, your weight watch goals. Beans are an incredibly rich source of protein and other essential nutrients, making them an excellent low-fat protein substitute.

More importantly, however, beans are just dang delicious! Incorporating beans and bean weight watching recipes into your 2021 diet game plan is a winning strategy. Not only will you get the benefit of eating healthy, but you’ll be doing by eating something you’ll love and won’t get tired of because of the wide variety of equally healthy beans and recipes they can be used in.

If weight watching is your goal for 2021, and heck even if it isn’t, we guarantee you will love these weight watching recipes that will help you stick to your New Year’s resolution. 


Roasted Chickpeas Three Ways

Snacking is the downfall of even the most disciplined diets. One stressful day or a mid day craving can leave you running into the arms of a salty, greasy, and fatty bag of potato chips. Of course, you could have chopped up some veggies as your snack of choice, but when you get the craving for something crispy and crunchy there really is no substitute.

But just because you are trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have a satisfying snack. Enter roasted chickpeas! When toasted in the oven, chickpeas take on a crispy, crunchy quality on par with a bag of potato chips but without the guilt. Enjoy them slightly seasoned or one of these three delicious and unique ways.


Vegan White Bean Chili

New Year’s resolutions always go into effect during January, which also just so happens to be one of the coldest times of year for many folks, which means plenty of hearty soups, stews, casseroles, and chili getting made. While comforting and hearty, many of the stick-to-your-ribs recipes that we love during the winter aren’t ideal recipes for kicking off a new diet.

Never fear, because with Randall Beans you can enjoy your favorite hearty and warm recipes like chili, soup, and stew the healthy way. Take this vegan white bean chili recipe, for instance. This recipe packs a ton of flavor without using any fatty meats and opts for extra veggies and other healthy recipes that all chili lovers will love.


Mediterranean Baked Fish

Aside from beans, fish is one of the healthiest sources of protein you can find. So, pairing beans and fish together should be a no-brainer way to make an equally hearty and healthy recipe great for weight watching. This recipe does just that with a flaky white fish exploding with Mediterranean flavors and goes great over a bed of healthy brown rice or quinoa.

Best yet, this recipe is also a great way to eat healthy while sticking mostly to center-aisle shopping. Canned tomatoes, canned artichoke hearts, and Randall Beans are inexpensive and easy to prepare so you don’t need to go all out with a trip to a whole foods grocery store in order to eat healthy. 


Sweet Potato Chickpea Burger

You may be able to start the year strong and find ways to keep with your weight-watching diet, but sustaining that strength through the entire year can be difficult. Particularly so when we get to summertime when family cookouts mean burgers, hotdogs, and tons of temptation to go along with them. 

Bean burgers are the perfect way to satisfy summertime cookout cravings while staying strong with your healthy eating habits. Enjoy the look, feel, and flavors of a delicious burger only instead of greasy beef you get to enjoy a healthier patty of beans and veggies, in this case, sweet potatoes.

Weight watching can be hard, but it is well worth the effort if self-improvement is where your goals are in 2021. But, it can be made so much easier when you have delicious and healthy weight watching recipes to help you along the way.