It seems to happen at least once a year during the winter: you start hearing rumblings of the year’s big snowstorm and the first thing that goes through your mind is “I need to get to the grocery store!” 

You just know that as soon as that blizzard or heavy snow rolls in that it will get pretty dicey outside and the less time spent out in the elements, the better. But, you will still need to be able to have plenty of food on hand to last you as long as you may be snowed in. 

One of the big things people do is try and load up their shopping carts among the madness of other shoppers trying to grab the things they will need for a bunch of different meals. Our strategy for preparing to be snowed in is a little bit different. 

Instead of trying to get the ingredients for five or six meals, we like to get what we need for only two or three bigger meals that we know we will be able to stretch out for a couple of days! This cuts down on the stress of needing to get a bunch of ingredients that everyone else will be fighting over, cut down on your grocery bill in the process too, and leave you with less cooking later.

When we are preparing to be snowed in for a couple of days, these are some of our go-to recipes for warm, hearty, and simple meals we know will last you and your family until the thaw.


Mexican Breakfast Casserole

You didn’t think we were just going to talk about lunch and dinner, did you? Snow days need to start the right way too. This simple and delicious breakfast casserole is great with Randall Pinto Beans or Great Northern Beans stacks up eggs, sausage/chorizo, cheese, peppers, and spices in between layers of tortillas. Great the day you make it, this recipe reheats extremely well, making it a great breakfast option for the next couple of days while you are snowed in.


Creamy White Chicken Chili Mac

It’s winter, we’re snowed in, of course, we are making a batch of chili! Chili and macaroni are one of those all-time classic combinations that just work so well together. Humbly, there’s no arguing that our White Chicken Chili recipe is what we’re famous for, due to the perfect combination of our creamy Randall Great Northern Beans and chicken. That is why we decided to mix the classic combo with our favorite kind of chili! This recipe is a real crowd-pleaser with picky eaters and will certainly get you a couple of dinner’s worth of meals out of one batch.


Everyday Sausage & Chicken Paella

Paella is a Spanish dish known for its exotic flavors and extremely large portions it produces. Paella may be intimidating, but it shouldn’t be thanks to this extremely simplified (but still delicious) version of the classic dish. Instead of seafood and other exotic ingredients, this “everyday” variety uses white beans, chicken, and sausage that will last you a couple of extra days. Just make sure you swing by the spice aisle and grab a little bit of the all-important saffron that gives this dish its signature flavor and aroma. 


Pork and Green Chili Pinto Bean Stew

When you are snowed in and have nowhere to go, one of the best feelings is just fixing a big pot of stew to keep you warm. This recipe couldn’t be more simple but it is such a satisfying and hearty stew that it is one of our go-to’s if we are preparing to get snowed in. The cubed pork chops get nice and tender in this Randall Pinto Bean stew, but the secret weapon is the roasted green chilies that add a lot of kick and flavor and can be easily picked up at the grocery store.


Bonus Recipe: Randall Beans Soup Base

It’s not quite a meal, but this easy recipe for a great soup base with Randall Beans is a great way to help stretch out meals while you are snowed in. Easy to prepare and store away in the fridge or freezer, this soup base is all you need to get started to whip up an amazing soup recipe. Whether you plan ahead by picking up some chicken and veggies to add with it or you are just trying to find a good way to use up some leftovers from the night or two before, tossing whatever you have on hand into this soup base is a great way to get started.

Make your meal prep for time spent snowed in easy and stress-free by planning meals that will last you a couple of days, not just the day you make it.

Whenever you are looking at an incoming snowstorm, don’t forget to load up on all the ingredients you need to prepare a hearty pot of soup! Soup is the ultimate food for making it through a snowstorm.